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Stamped Racism Antiracism And You
by Jason Reynolds And Ibram X. Kendi

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This book is an excellent introduction to parts of American history, not typically found in HS history books. While it is full of history, it does not read like a history book at all. Reynolds does a great job of keeping the reader's attention and delivering a good snapshot of history, leaving you wanting to learn more. There is a good list of future reading listed, that has added to my TBR pile.

Fancy Nancy The Show Must Go On
by Jane O'Connor

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This is the first Fancy Nancy book I have read to my daughter. She liked it very much, and we plan to try some more. The story was and illustrations were very attractive and held her attention well. I like that the story includes definitions of words that are new to young readers. The story was exactly the right length so that a 6 year old doesn't lose interest.

Pretty Monsters
by Kelly Link

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There are a few stories that stuck out and I enjoyed, while others are not quite my cup of tea. Quite a few of the stories end abruptly with no resolution for the main characters. This writing style works for many readers and lets your imagination go as to what might happen next. For me as a reader, I prefer to have some ending even if it is an unhappy or bad ending.

Mix It Up
by Herve Tullet

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My daughter just loved this book. The first time we read it she thought it was magic. The second time around she said hey you tricked me. She wanted to read it over and over again. Each time we did all the actions the book requested, it was great fun. This book is wonderful for teaching children the main color combinations to get green, orange, and purple.

The Lightning Thief
by Rick Riordan

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The story line is creative and kept me interested. The characters were unique and the main trio worked well together. It was interesting to read their characters develop throughout the story.

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